From Coca there are different options, depending on how far you would like to travel. Coca is situated on the Rio Napo and there are many lodges in the area further downstream.

Most lodges have their own protected area where you can see many birds, insects, butterflies and plants. You can also choose to go further downstream the Rio Napo until you reach Yasuni National Park. This park is declared protected area by Unesco in 1989. The park is primary forest and is known as one of the last wild areas in Ecuador. In and around the park live indigenous people like the Huaorani and Tageari Taromenari, of whom most still life in their traditional ways and some avoid contact with the Western world at all times.

Lodges in this region

Yarina Ecolodge

Number of days: 5

Price from (p/p): $ 240.00 Find out more!

La Selva Amazon Ecolodge-Spa

Number of days: 4, 5

Price from (p/p): $ 1,280.00 Find out more!

Sacha Lodge

Number of days: 3, 4, 5

Price from (p/p): $ 1,190.00 Find out more!

Sani Lodge

Number of days: 3, 4, 5

Price from (p/p): $ 750.00 Find out more!